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About Phoenix

Insurance Services

Insurance broker “Phoenix 7007” offers consultations and services for both private and corporate parties.

Professional analysis risk estimate
We perform an analysis of the risk of situations associated with you and/or your property and offer you the best suited insurance product. We are able to optimize your coverage by making use of the provided information to negotiate a policy with the most favorable balance and coverage.

Choosing an agent that is right for you
We offer the services of all licensed insurance companies in Bulgaria. This allows us to find the best fitted insurance policy for you and offer the most beneficial plan.

Negotiating the insurance agreement
Upon the negotiations over the insurance policy, we will insist on the most favorable deal and obtain the maximum discount for you which an insurance company can offer. When necessary, we will also discuss special circumstances with the insurance company, in order to fulfill your needs.

Reliable and prompt service in the case of an accident
Should an incident occur, the experts of Phoenix will represent you before the insurance company and defend your best interest. We will save you time by representing you in the petition regarding your claim and once a settlement has been reached, track the deadlines associated with your compensation. We will consult you on the most fitting liquidation option, as well as any other details associated with your reimbursement.

Consultations and Insurance services – FREE
Services and consultations are free of charge to you. Insurance broker Phoenix is able to finance its activities solely through the commissions from the insurance premiums, thus receives its compensation from the insurance companies. If you decide to insure directly with an insurance company, it will coast you the same price, officially declared in that company’s service charges, however, you will not have a reliable and dependable partner like Insurance broker Phoenix.