Phoenix insurance broker

Insurance Types


Insurance broker “Phoenix” insures all types of vehicles up to full loss or partial damage, which are a result of a fire, burglary, vandalism, natural disasters, or traffic accidents.

We assist our clients in reporting the claims and estimating the damage, as well as ease the reimbursement collection process. This is the most popular insurance policy among clients offered by Insurance broker “Phoenix”.

Underlying benefits associated with Insurance broker Phoenix’s Auto-Casco insurance policy:
  • The ability for the clients to pay the minimal premium, in which Insurance broker “Phoenix” includes a discount.
  • Insurance broker “Phoenix” offers discounts
    • when the insurance premium is paid upfront
    • upon negotiations over client’s deductible
    • our bonuses regarding accident forgiveness (lack of accidents/claims)
    • our preferred “Umbrella” discount, available only at Insurance broker “Phoenix”, offers you special rates when you insure multiple entities (i.e. automobile, personal belongings, home, business, medical, etc.)
  • In the case of burglary of the vehicle – prompt and precise assistance when filing a claim with the respective insurance company.