Phoenix insurance broker

Insurance Types

Property Insurance

This policy insures property belonging to citizens, as well as contractors and businesses, such as sustainable material goods (buildings, equipment, etc), in-stock items, foreign property and others against the following general risks:
  • Fire, explosions, collisions, or the fall of a piloted aircraft, individually or in combination with additional risks;
  • Arson;
  • Natural disasters (storms, hail, thunder, pouring rain, flood, snow or ice damage, freezing);
  • Earthquake;
  • Water and steam damage;
  • Strikes and civil disturbances;
  • Implosion;
  • Land slides, collapse, underground/subterranean water;
  • Damage due to large sea waves;
  • Damage due to a collision involving a motor vehicle;
  • Damage due to an accident involving loading and unloading machines;
  • Broken glass windows, advertising signs;
  • Vandalism;
  • Damage due to leaks from sprinkler systems;
  • Detonation/Sound wave;

Expenses to limit extent of damages

Insurance amount – calculated by the insured with regard to the actual value of the property within the scope of:
  • The value necessary for recovery
  • Expert estimate
  • Account data

In certain clauses, (i.e. “ Broken glass windows”, “Vandalism”, “Sprinkler systems” and “Detonation/Sound Wave”), the limits of responsibility must be negotiated.

Insurance Premium/Price of Insurance – is determined by the rate of the insurance company with regard to the character and appearance of the property, insurance amount, limit of responsibility, risky circumstances, the preferred coverage and duration of the insurance.

Applicable Discounts and benefits:
  • Accident forgiveness
  • Discount for upfront payment (full payment at time of purchase)
  • Discount for proper fire/security measures
  • Discount for additional pre-negotiated deductible
  • Discount for additional insurance policies purchased within the same insurance company

In the case of an event requiring insurance intervention, the insured must contact the appropriate parties either immediately, or within a period of at most 24 hours since the discovery of the accident. The insured must also provide proof of the incident, without altering the state of the damaged property or take measures to increase the scope of damage. The damages are determined through the inspection and description of representatives of the insured, the insurance company, as well as an independent expert.

Insurance reimbursement – determined within the scope of the insurance amount or the limit of responsibility. In the case of partial damage, the loss is determined by consideration of the necessary funds for the purpose of restoring the property to a state equivalent to that immediately before the incident. In the case of total damage, the extent of the loss is equal to the actual value of the demolished property, however cannot exceed their insurance amount. Reimbursement is paid in the period of 15 days after the declaration of all necessary documents.