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Insurance Types

Life Insurance

Life Insurance covers risk of disability and death. The insurance payment under this policy is made when some of these risks occur during the terms of the insurance coverage. The insurer pays the insurance premium up to the beginning of the insurance event or until the end (the last day) of the insurance agreement.

Risks covered under the Life Insurance (depending on the personal choice of the policy holder)
         • Death of the insured as a result of an illness.
         • Death of the insured as a result of an accident or certain type of accident.
         • Long term disability or 1%-100% loss of working capacity of the insured as a result of an accident.
         • Short term disability lasting a given period of time.
         • Medical expenses on account of an accident or acute illness.

Individual Life Insurance
This insurance provides to the insured physical individuals protection in case of insured accident or illness with being in a position of choice on one or more risks depending on the individual preferences of the Insurer/Insured.

Group Life Insurance
The insurance is made from the Employer who pays the insurance premium on his/her own expenses. The insured individuals can be all workers and employees including those who work under management contract. This insurance requires a group of 10 or more insured individuals.

Saving Life Insurance
This product combines the characteristics of savings and insurance. The benefit of this type of insurance over a bank savings account is that the insurance provides greater compensation and protection against covered risks as defined in the insurance policy.