Phoenix insurance broker

Insurance Types

Farm insurance

1. Agriculture:

This policy is based upon the completed application as well as a description of the planted crops, as described in the handbook. The reimbursement sum is decided upon a mutual agreement, on the basis of expected crop yield as well as market regulations. The reimbursement sum may not exceed the actual monetary value of the harvest. The insurance premium is decided on the basis of the size of the agriculture area to be insured, the negotiated reimbursement sum per dekar, and the rate of desired insurance coverage.
The premium may be paid in full or in predetermined payments extended over a period of time.

Damages and losses are covered as a result of the following risks:

• Pouring rain
• Hail
• Storms
• Flooding
• Fire
• Frost

For fall and wheat crops, we offer additional coverage against the following risks:

• Freezing
• Slush/Mud
• Suffocation
• Retreat

2. Livestock Breeding

The insuring of livestock provides farmers with monetary compensation for damages/loss caused by events covered by the policy, so that they may replace the livestock lost.

The following rules apply to the insuring of domesticated livestock, birds and beehives:

• Oxen and bulls, goats and sheep all older than three months
• Horses, mules and donkeys all older than six months
• Breeding pigs older than six months and slaughter pigs over 20kg.
• Accelerated-breeding birds
• Fish – intensive breeding reservoirs
• Beehives
• Pheasant, Quail and useful game – raised in fame farms
• Pure-bred, elite, decorative and race animals and birds

The insurance covers losses associated with the death and the slaughter of the animals and birds, upon necessity, in the event of:

• Natural Disasters
• Accidents
• Infections/Non-Infectious diseases and parasitic illnesses
• Fire